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I create beautiful, natural wedding photos of introverts

Don't worry about the camera - that's my job


Happy Otter Photography | Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Weddings are supposed to be fun

Let’s keep them that way.

You want beautiful wedding photos, 
but you don’t want the stress of smiling for them, 
or the boredom of being in them.

You want wedding photos the Happy Otter way!

What is the Happy Otter way?

Happy Otter Photography celebrates and embraces the power of introverts.

People focussed

I reckon people bring the love to a wedding. I appreciate beautiful things (like the flowers and decor) but my main focus is the people you love. All the moments, jokes, laughs, love, and interactions they bring.

Celebrating introverts

I’m an introvert. You’re an introvert. We’re not shy, or boring, or dull. We are interesting, deep people who have meaningful relationships. I don’t expect to capture that by making you pose – I’ll watch and listen, and I’ll go beneath the surface.

A love of the outdoors

Being outdoors is freeing. When the walls are further away, people relax. They feel more at ease. I grew up on a farm and have a zoology degree – I’m an outdoorsy person, mud and rain will not put me off.

Sense of humour

Laughter is a wonderful thing. I see plenty of funny things at weddings – some are obvious, some more subtle – but I make sure I capture the humour in a wedding, alongside the soppy and formal stuff.

Hi, I'm Emma

It always feels like there are too many “m”s when I say that. Like I’m saying, “Hi, I’m memma. I feel like I should say, “My name is Emma”. But, then I think people might think I’m being too formal. So I decide to stick with “I’m Emma”. Then it’s too late and people wonder why I’m staring blankly at them, and I realise they probably wouldn’t have noticed all the “m”s after all.

I think much faster when I have a camera in my hand.

Emma Womersley

What some Happy Otters have said:

She was strong, funny, confident and task-focused

She cared about our needs and wants and we quickly got down to business discussing all of the intricate details of the day. She called out my husband for watching sport rather than focusing on the task in hand – which I’d been desperate to do – but she did it in such a great way and with such good humour that he laughed with her and zoned back into our conversation… I instantly fell in love with her just a little bit as he never reacts so well when I try to get him back in the room when sport is on!

Words can’t fully describe how fantastic Emma was throughout our whole wedding day photography experience

From the very start Emma put us at ease, was extremly professional and always friendly. On the day we wanted to make the most of spending time with our loved ones and didn’t like the idea of standing and posing for hours and this is exactly what we got to do by picking Happy Otter Photography.
The final photos were exactly as we hoped and more, they captured all the fun and touching moments of our day in a really natural way.

So friendly and relaxed, the children just loved her

Emma is an amazing and truly talented photographer. She captured every moment of our wedding day and night just perfectly, getting the shots that we’d not even thought about and captured those moments that we were just too busy to see ourselves. She did this in the most perfect, natural and friendly way, not by pushing her camera into our face or the faces of our guests, which I’ve experienced at other weddings, but by keeping it so friendly and relaxed, the children just loved her.

It's more than just a name

Happy Otter

I’ve always been interested in wildlife and the natural world, so when I discovered otter tracks on the riverbank near my home as a teenager, I was very excited.

I did a lot of research (I’m a reader, and I like to know stuff!) about their behaviour so I could stand the best chance of seeing them. Crepuscular, shy and elusive, but also playful. Their poo smells like jasmine tea.

I spent years hunting for those otters. Up before the sun, laying on the wet grass by the river. I saw so much other wildlife. 

Finally one morning it happened! An otter appeared on the opposite bank and caught a fish. I watched it for about 5 minutes before it swam away.

Almost ten years later I had become a wedding photographer and I started to see a common theme.

Most of my favourite clients really do not like to have their photo taken. They will hide (they can be subtle, but I can tell when someone is trying to hide from a camera), or suddenly forget how to smile. That’s just not who they really are, and asking people like this to pose for a photo is no way to capture their real personality.

When they feel relaxed and unwatched… that is when they reveal their natural behaviour, relax and have fun!

So – Happy Otter Photography was born. For the otters who are getting married. For people who hate to pose for photos, and are fun and interesting. People who deserve to have their personality captured in their wedding photos.

Otters can have beautiful wedding photos too.

A few questions answered

Where do you photograph weddings?

I live between York and Harrogate, and I photograph weddings all over Yorkshire and the North East.

How much experience do you have as a wedding photographer?

I’ve been a wedding photographer for over ten years, and I absolutely love it. I never do any “fake wedding” photos, every photo on my website is from a real wedding I’ve photographed. I’m constantly striving to improve my photography skills and the services I provide my clients.

Who even are you?

Emma! I’m a 34 year old happy otter, and York wedding photographer. I have two young children and a loving husband. I’m a biology graduate, a farmer’s daughter, a crossword lover, an unsuccessful gardener, a thinker and a do-er.

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