Wedding Photography Pricing and FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (Scroll down for pricing!)


How many photos will we get?

It depends a lot on how many guests and how long I’m there for. Generally I will supply you with over 500 photos for a full day.

Would you like a tea or coffee?

No, I’m fine thanks. (Secretly I’d really like a cup of hot water – not boiling – but I don’t want to reveal too much weirdness to you! Even better – hot chocolate!)

Do we need to feed you?

A lot of photographers demand a meal – I don’t. I would enjoy any meal you provided, but I’m also happy to bring my own food and have a break while eating them in the car! It gives me chance to phone my hubby and see how he’s coping with the little otters at home.

What’s the difference between hay and straw?

Hay is made from grass and it’s a lot softer, greener, and heavier than straw.

How long does it take for us to get our photos?

One month to 6 weeks. That’s my goal. I process each photograph individually – I don’t like to rush this process.

When do we need to pay you?

I take a £200 deposit to confirm booking, and then the remaining balance is due on or by the wedding day. I’m happy to receive the payment in instalments.

What time is it?

It’s 9.05am. But I’m not a clock, so don’t trust me on that.

How do we receive our photos?

I’ll send a USB in the post with fully processed low res (for uploading online) and high res (for printing) files. I’ll also send you a link with an online gallery (valid for 6 months). From here, guests can download the files for free and order prints if they wish.

Is there a right way to get rid of sea monkeys?

Oh I wish I knew.
Auntie Claire gave some to Joni for Christmas, and we’ve had a plastic container full of algae and little creatures for months now. How long will this go on? Can we give them back to Auntie Claire? I’m sure we can’t just pour them down the sink – apart from having to explain to Joni where her “pets” have gone, what if they keep breeding and we cause an infestation.
Boiling water seems so cruel. They have grown much bigger than I was expecting.

***Update – the sea monkeys have gone! Simon (my significant otter) managed to remove them from the house (under strict instructions not to tell me of their fate. A full week passed before Joni noticed. Yesterday she ran to “check on her pets” and returned saying “they must have already gone to GG’s” (We’re moving house and have stored some things at my grandma’s house!)***

2023 and 2024 Wedding Photography Pricing

With 12 years experience photographing weddings, I realise each wedding is unique – so I am more than happy to tailor a package to suit you.

Nothing on this page is set in stone, I’m an independent photographer, so I can be flexible – just get in touch and we can work something out to suit you.


All packages include fully processed high-resolution digital files and a pre-wedding consultation (usually by zoom).

I still have some 2023 availability – especially for midweek weddings, and autumn/ winter weddings.

My minimum coverage for 2023 and 2024 weekend weddings is 8 hours (£1400).

Jump to the relevant pricing for you:

2023 and 2024 Full day wedding photography

8 hours: £1400
10 hours: £1800

All full day weddings include the following as standard:

Me: Fully insured
(public liability and proffessional indemnity), backed up (spare cameras and lenses with me in case something breaks), and covered (I’m part of a network of photographers who will step in at short notice if in case I am struck by lightening on the way) for the unforseen. I also have over 10 years of experience so I know how to plan to minimise any forseeable issues.

Consultations – usually two.
I have no rules about the number of consultations I have with clients, but usually we will have an initial consultation where we get to know one another. I’ll ask questions about your wedding day, and you will have the opportunity to ask me anything you wish. This can be in person or by zoom.
The final consultation is usually within 1 month of the wedding. This is a full run through of the whole day so I know exactly what is happeneing. I’ll find out who’s who, all the important relationships, and all the little details that make your weding important to you. Again, this can be in person or by zoom.
You’ll also be able to email or whatsapp me any questions you may have about the whole wedding planning process at any time – most of my clients haven’t been married before, so I’m happy to discuss the various options.

Full day coverage
At the time of booking you don’t need to decide how long you’d like me to be at your wedding. We will finalise this in the final consultation – when you know exactly how your wedding will run. For my full day coverage, I offer 8 hours or 10 hours. Depending upon the time of your ceremony, this is usually enough to cover everything from preparations in the morning until the dance floor fills up after the first dance.

Fully processed high quality digital images
I care deeply about your wedding memories, and it is my mission to make sure you remember them in the best possible way. I put a lot of thought into selecting the best photos to give you a full memory of the day. I guarantee at least 500 photos from a full day, but if lots happens, and there are a lot of guests I often select closer to 750 photos. Then I individually process every photo. This is colour correction, straightening and cropping, removing distractions, and using subtle editing to focus on the subject of the image. I aim to create photos that will not age as a new editing style becomes popular.

An online gallery
All your photos will be uploaded to an online gallery. You will have access to hide any photos which you feel should be kept private, and you can then share the gallery with anyone you wish. They will be able to download web sized photos for free, or order prints if they wish.

After over a decade of photographing weddings, I have learnt that no two weddings are the same – even if they are at the same venue. The differences are what I aim to capture – it’s your personal story, personality. This has also taught me that being human and adaptable is the only way to get the best results for my clients. I won’t impose rules on you – if you need me to be flexible in terms of how I approach photographing the day, dealing with people close to you, payment plans, delivering the photos, I am more than happy to work with you to make your experience problem-free and enjoyable.

Travel throughout the UK
If I live far from your wedding, I may stay nearby in a hotel the night before to reduce the chance of anything going wrong with travel. All travel expenses are included in my price.


Additional Options (not included as standard)

Parent consultations: Free
Sometimes parents are very invested in the wedding and you will want to make sure they are happy with the photos too. I am happy to give them a call to discuss what photos are important to them.

Thank you cards and prints: Price varies
I am able to provide thank you cards after the wedding, and fine art prints. Please get in touch for pricing.

A second photographer: £300
Having a second photographer is great if you want the getting ready part of the day captured for both members of the couple. A second photographer also acts as a further level of insurance that no important moments are missed. When I have a second photographer present I also have a little more freedom to be creative/ artistic because I know the standard photos are being captured.

An engagement session: £250
This is a 1-2 hour session where we take a walk in a nice area and have fun while I create stunning portrait photos of you. People often use these photos on their invitations or reduce the number of wedding day portraits because they already have some.

A highlights video: £500
This is only available if you also select the second photographer option.
A variety of video clips from the whole day set to music. No sound will be recorded, video will be approx 5 minutes.

Full videography: £1800
Professional videography by an experienced videographer. Includes highlights film, and a full copy of ceremony and speeches.

A luxury wedding album: from £325
Please enquire for details. I can also offer packages including parents’ copies.

Full Package

Two photographers on your wedding day, plus a luxury wedding album to keep forever. Plus an engagement shoot in North Yorkshire.


10 hours coverage by me and an experienced second photographer. Includes £325 album credit (enough for a main album) and 2 fine art giclee prints as gifts for parents. Plus an engagement session in North Yorkshire.

Digital 10 hours

A full day of wedding photography coverage by me. Your photographs will be delivered in an online gallery.


This digital only option doesn't include print, but it does include me for a full 10 hours on your wedding day.

Digital 8 hours

8 hours of wedding photography coverage by me. Your photos will be delivered in an online gallery.


This digital only option doesn't include print, but it does include me for 8 hours on your wedding day.

Full Weekend Wedding Photography

Available throughout the UK, each of these Full Weekend Wedding Photography options include coverage from Friday afternoon until Sunday around midday. The best way to capture all the happenings of your complete wedding weekend.

All these options include an initial zoom consultation, a pre-wedding consultation (zoom or in-person), plus the option of an additional zoom consultation with parents (because they want photos too!).

All three of these full weekend options includes my travel and accommodation expenses. I will stay nearby to minimise any travel risks. 

What is included

  • Read more about the full weekend wedding photography package here
  • In-depth pre-wedding discussions to fully understand you and your wedding
  • A pre-wedding engagement shoot (not included in digital option)
  • Travel to any location in UK (available overseas for an additional fee)
  • Photographer arrival on Friday afternoon 
  • Documentary/ candid style photography of all the happenings from Friday afternoon to evening.
  • Continued coverage from Saturday morning starting with bridal preparations
  • A second photographer for 6 hours on the wedding day (not included in digital option)
  • Formal group portraits and couples portraits after the ceremony, 
  • Optional couple portraits again during the “golden hour”
  • Candid photography of all the moments from the start of the day until bedtime (later on Saturday)
  • Candid photography on Sunday morning until guests leave
  • A luxury wedding album (not included in digital option)
  • 2 parent albums (not included in digital option)
  • High-resolution digital images processed to the highest standard
  • Optional videography of the wedding day – including the option of drone footage (only available with  the plus option)


All the benefits of the Full package, plus a full day of videography by an experienced videographer.


Full videography for the wedding day, including drone footage. Plus all the benefits of the Full package.

Full Package

All the benefits of the digital option, plus 3 albums, an extra photographer on the wedding day, and an engagement session.


Includes £920 album credit (enough for main album and 2 parent albums). An engagement session. A second photographer for the wedding day.

Click the box to view pricing.

Digital coverage

Full weekend of photography (20 hours in total). You will receive the fully processed digital files uploaded to an online gallery.


Digital only full weekend wedding photography. From Friday afternoon until Sunday lunch - 20 hours of coverage by 1 photographer.

Small and Midweek Weddings

The following options are only available in Yorkshire during weekdays. All these options include the fully processed digital files uploaded to an online gallery as standard.

We will have a consultation by zoom – this is essential to make sure I know what is happening on your wedding day, and to get to know a bit more about you and what makes you tick!

Digital 6 hours

6 hours of wedding photography coverage by me. Your photos will be delivered in an online gallery. Midweek in Yorkshire only.


This digital only option doesn't include print, but it does include me for a full 6 hours on your wedding day. Midweek only, Yorkshire only.

Digital 4 hours

Wedding photography coverage for 4 hours. Includes fully processed digital files delivered via online gallery. Midweek only, available in Yorkshire.


This digital only option doesn't include print, but it does include me for a full 4 hours on your wedding day. Midweek only, Yorkshire only.

York Special offer

Up to 2.5 hours photography. Only for weddings in York with a max of 30 guests. Not available during school holidays (please check the dates with me) Perfect for elopements.


This special offer is only available for small weddings in York on weekdays. Not available during school holidays. Please click the button below to read more about this offer. (Extra witness available for elopements)
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