Frequently Asked Questions (Scroll down for pricing!)

How will the corona virus / covid-19 pandemic impact us if we book you to photograph our wedding?

Any weddings already booked which need to be rescheduled – just get in touch and we’ll arrange a different date. If I’m not available we’ll work together and I will offer to outsource the photography to a wedding photographer I trust and who has the same values and similar experience to me – if you wish. 

If you have not yet booked, but are thinking of having your wedding in 2021 or 2022 – I suggest you book soon! Lots of 2020 weddings will be postponed until autumn 2020 or spring and summer 2021 – so dates will be limited. 

If you book now and your wedding does need to be cancelled, I will be as accommodating as I can in the following ways: 

1) you don’t need to commit to the length of coverage when you book – the booking deposit of £200 secures the date, and you can decide later how long you require photography for on the day. So, if a big full day event turns into a small family gathering, and you no longer need full day coverage, it will be fine to reduce the hours.

2) There will be no cancellation or reschedule fee – we’ll simply change the date. Unfortunately I won’t be able to hold any dates without a booking deposit having been paid. 

Any concerns or specific queries – please just drop me a line and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



How many photos will we get?

It depends a lot on how many guests and how long I’m there for. Generally I will supply you with 500 photos for a full day. 


Would you like a tea or coffee?
No, I’m fine thanks. (Secretly I’d really like a cup of hot water – not boiling – but I don’t want to reveal too much weirdness to you! Even better – hot chocolate!)

 Do we need to feed you?

A lot of photographers demand a meal – I’m not fussed. I would enjoy any meal you provided, but I’m also happy to bring my own sarnies and eat them in the car! It gives me chance to phone my hubby and see how he’s coping with the little otters at home.


What’s the difference between hay and straw?

Hay is made from grass and it’s a lot softer, greener, and heavier than straw. 


How long does it take for us to get our photos?

One month to 6 weeks. That’s my goal. I don’t like to provide them too soon – once you have your photos the wedding is over. At least waiting one month, you have time to forget bits, and reliving them a month later is really nice.


When do we need to pay you?

I take a £200 deposit to confirm booking, and then the remaining balance is due on or by the wedding day. I’m happy to receive the payment in installments.


What time is it?

It’s 9.05am. But I’m not a clock, so don’t trust me on that.


How do we receive our photos?

I’ll send a USB in the post with fully processed low res (for uploading online) and high res (for printing) files. I’ll also include a slideshow of all your photos set to music of your choice. Plus I’ll send you a link with an online gallery. From here, guests can download the files for free and order prints if they wish.


Is there a right way to get rid of sea monkeys?

Oh I wish I knew.
Auntie Claire gave some to Joni for Christmas, and we’ve had a plastic container full of algae and little creatures for months now. How long will this go on? Can we give them back to Auntie Claire? I’m sure we can’t just pour them down the sink – apart from having to explain to Joni where her “pets” have gone, what if they keep breeding and we cause an infestation.
Boiling water seems so cruel. They have grown much bigger than I was expecting.

***Update – the sea monkeys have gone! Simon (my significant otter) managed to remove them from the house (under strict instructions not to tell me of their fate. A full week passed before Joni noticed. Yesterday she ran to “check on her pets” and returned saying “they must have already gone to GG’s” (We’re moving house and have stored some things at my grandma’s house!)***

Wedding Photography Pricing

I charge £150 per hour of coverage. 

Minimum coverage of 4 hours in North Yorkshire or 8 hours further afield.

This fee includes travel (up to 100 miles from York – anywhere from Newcastle, Carlisle, Liverpool, Nottingham, Lincoln, Whitby etc)

Ultimate Collection

* 10 hours of wedding day photography by Emma
* 500+ fully processed digital images on USB and online gallery
* A second photographer for 8 hours
* A 12" x 12" 40 page luxury Leather Album
* Pre-wedding consultation
* Travel anywhere in Northern England


Full day digital

* 10 hours of wedding day photography by Emma
* 500+ fully processed digital images on USB and online gallery
* Pre-wedding consultation
* Travel anywhere in Northern England


Half day digital

* 6 hours of wedding day photography by Emma
* 300+ fully processed digital images on USB and online gallery
* Pre-wedding consultation
* Travel anywhere in North Yorkshire


Short Coverage

* 4 hours of wedding day photography by Emma
* 250+ fully processed digital images on USB and online gallery
* Travel anywhere in North Yorkshire


Engagement session Pricing

Being engaged is lovely. It’s a special time in your life where you both still have individual characteristics and interests, and you also enjoy doing things together. You have your whole lives ahead of you, and more often than not, very few commitments. 

Your wedding photos will capture the fantastic celebration you have planned with people you love. And that celebration will represent you both – but when you look back at those photos, you’ll remember your wedding day… not your time being engaged.

Engagement photo sessions are designed to help you remember this fleeting moment of being a fiance. Photos of you both together, doing what you love to do. Not photos in your wedding gear. Not photos with all your friends and family. Pure photos of who you both are now. 

Ultimate "all sides of us" adventure

I will get to know you in depth and together we’ll design a totally unique engagement session for you - overflowing with imagination and creativity. Do you both enjoy canoeing together - I'll come too.
We'll get some amazing action photos of you both having a great time together doing what you do, but we'll also create some epic take your breath away art. Maybe you are mountaineers? Maybe you love to bake together? (I have plenty of ideas for this... but it will get messy!) Growing veg at your allotment? Whatever you love to do together, we'll turn it into an adventure.

* Includes 2 days of adventure to capture more than one side of what you enjoy doing together
* Includes a leather box of 5 mounted prints
* Includes 30-50 digital images

(reduced to £650 if you book me for wedding photography)

Adventure session

Just as much creativity and personality packed into one day of adventure.
This adventure session is the same as the Ultimate "all sides of us" adventure, but it's on one day, rather than two.

* Includes 1 day of adventure
* Includes a leather box of 5 mounted prints
* Includes 15-30 digital images
(reduced to £400 if you book me for wedding photography)

Engagement Session

Up to 2 hours of photography at a location of your choice.
We'll take a stroll around a local park, or something similar.
Engagement sessions are a nice way for you to get to know me before committing to have me as your wedding photographer.

* Includes 1-2 hours photography
* Includes approximately 15 digital images

(reduced to £150 if you book me for wedding photogrpahy)