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Souter Lighthouse Wedding Photography

One of the North East's best wedding venues! This fantastic lighthouse wedding was full of love and fun!
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I love seeing the way people respond to challenges because it really reveals their true nature.

On the morning of Lauren and Blair’s wedding at Souter Lighthouse there was a storm. Lauren was out in it… pinning down the marquee so it didn’t blow away!

Despite her best efforts, and even ending up with smashed glass in her hair from the carnege around her, they had to abandon it, so with the help from her bridesmaids, they quickly set to finding a new reception venue with just a couple of hours notice.

Thankfully the lighthouse staff steppud up. They closed to the public for the day to allow the wedding to use the inside for the reception. So all the tables and chairs were carried inside, and re-decorated (they had practice after having just done it all the night before!) by the busy bridesmaids.

And all through this, Lauren remained positive and cheery! If there was ever the opposite to a bridezilla… it was Lauren!

The wedding was lovely, and what a privilege for them to have their reception inside the lighthouse.

After the speeches Lauren and Blair went to visit her Grandad because he had missed the wedding due to an unplanned last minute hospital visit.

While they were away the weather had improved and every single guest pitched in and re-furnished the marquee to it’s pre-storm glory.

Of course there were tears as the bride and groom returned to the surprise transformation.

What a fantastic day, and what a loving effort from all their friends and family. It might not be the way they had planned it, but it brought out love and support from all around them… which is what a wedding is all about after all!

Each table setting had a little token which the guests could exchange for an icecream at the Minchella’s ice cream van.

This Souter Lighthouse wedding photography was one of my favourite jobs – the scenery was stunning, the day was eventful, and the people were fantastic. 

Congratulations to Lauren and Blair, and all their guests for proving how wonderful they are!

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