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Middleton Lodge: Fig House wedding in February

This classy February wedding at the Walled Garden of Middleton Lodge's Fig House was superb!
Middleton Lodge wedding portrait

This wedding was my first at Middleton Lodge’s Fig house, and I was bowled over by the elegance of the venue. The lighting in the Fig house itself was exquisite, and the walled garden, even in February, was full of colours and interest. The ceremony area had a cosy, yet open and airy feel, with one end of the room for the ceremony, and the other side for a drinks reception – complete with sofas and an open fire.

Middleton Lodge is a Georgian country retreat in North Yorkshire – in such wonderful countryside you’d never know it was only 4 minutes from the A1. In addition to the main mansion house, there is a smaller building – the Fig house, which opens on to a 2 acre walled garden. They have a restaurant and accomodation on site.

Kat and Andy were not the posing type. They did not want to be the centre of attention. But they still wanted beautiful photos of them together on their wedding day.
It’s not always easy to imagine how a couple can have a wedding, yet not be the centre of attention. But, they pulled it off! I guess there was a lot of planning and excellent wedding coordination to make it work, but all done behind the scenes.

The day felt calm even though there were plenty of guests laughing and chatting like at any other wedding. There was no rushing. No panic.

Kat was cool as a cucumber – even during the bridal preparations (when there is usually some panic or another,) nothing phased her. She smiled and enjoyed all the moments with effortless elegance.

Andy, who suggested he was nervous about talking in front of everyone, delivered a lovely speech – complete with heartfelt and loving words about his new wife (something grooms often forget!)

Being a chef, Kat had decided to make her own wedding cake – and that was flipping amazing too!

I feel like Kat’s dad should also get a special mention for so expertly steaming all the bridesmaids and wedding dresses during the bridal preparations – I’ve never seen a dad so involved – it was lovely!

It was a lovely, beautiful, classy wedding which perfectly matched the stunning surroundings – they even had warm sunshine in February!

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