Faye and Martin’s January wedding in York

York Minster

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Faye and Martin got married in York, Faye’s hometown, in January.

The preparations, including a very last-minute dress alteration, a colourful cake reveal, and the realisation that Mr and Mrs can look remarkably like Mr and Mr S, was full of laughs, giggles, love and family time at Faye’s family home.

The ceremony was at York registry office. Being January, there were no leaves on the trees, so a clear view of the minster greeted the guests as they gathered outside the registry office. After the ceremony in the Bootham suite, confetti was thrown in the registry office gardens before everyone walked through the picturesque streets of York, past the minster, to the Guy Fawkes Inn.

Drinks were served outside under a colourful mural of Guy Fawkes and his gunpowder plot. Lots of guests had travelled up from London, so the stroll through the city walls, past the minster and into the Guy Fawkes Inn was an excellent mini-tour of some of the history of York.

The staff at the Guy Fawkes Inn had decorated the gorgeous space, and Faye’s mum had made some excellent wedding favours for everyone. The speeches were lovely, and there were plenty of tears!

The party continued with extra guests in the evening, which was also Burn’s night, at Faye’s parents’ house. They had a homemade photo booth (big hit) drinks, cake, and lots of fun. 

Congratulations to Faye and Martin.

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