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York Registry Office wedding guide

York registry office building
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Here's what I'm going to tell you!

York registry office building
Bride adn groom in York registry office garden

Unofficial guide to weddings at York Registry Office

As a local York wedding photographer, I have plenty of experience with York Registry Office wedings, so I’ve written an unofficial guide for anyone planning, or attending a York Registry Office wedding. (Up dated February 2020)

York is a beautiful and historic city, and thankfully it has a really beautiful registry office very conveniently located for great photos and plenty of reception venues.

York is the perfect place for an elopement, or destination wedding. For example, a nice weekend break where you can see the sights, get married, and honeymoon all in one. And if you invite guests along, there is plenty for them to do to entertain themselves in this historic tourist city.

Can I get married at York Registry Office if I'm not local?

Yes – you can get married at any registry office you want! You certainly don’t have to get married at your local registry office. However, you will need to go to your local registry office to “give notice” that you wish to mary. This must be done at least 28 days before your wedding, then once you have been given authority to marry, you can do it in any registry office, or approved premises, anywhere in the UK!

How much does it cost to get married at York registry office?

(updated July 2020)

If you wish to marry with only 2 witnesses on a Monday to Thursday, this can be done for £57.

With fewer than 8 guests Monday to Thursday in the small ceremony room = £149, but £205 on a Friday or Saturday.

Up to 50 guests in the larger room Monday to Thursday = £256, but £348 on Friday and Saturday.

Have a look at the official fees page here:

Is there parking at york Registry Office?

No, York registry office is located on one of the main roads into York, and consequently there is no parking on site.

However, there is an area outside the doors for a taxi, bus, or car to drop people off.

The closest car park is Marygate car park (post code: YO30 7DT) which is a 5 minute walk from the registry office (0.3 miles).

Prices for parking at Marygate carpark are:
up to 1 hour £2.30
up to 2 hours £4.60
up to 3 hours £6.90
up to 4 hours £9.20
up to 5 hours £11.50
over 5 hours £13
after 6pm Sun to Thurs, or after 5pm Fri and Sat £2

Conveniently they issue a card on arrival, so you simply pay at a machine just before you leave. Therefore no need to have to rush back and top up car parking if you didn’t put enough in like with some car parks.

Bootham suite York
The Bootham Suite seats up to 50 guests at York Registry Office
Bootham Suite at York Registry office inside
Inside the Bootham Suite at York Registry Office
Waiting area at York Registry Office
The waiting area at York Registry Office

Where is the Registry Office in York?

It’s just outside the city walls on the north side of York – On Bootham.

From York train station it takes about 15 minutes to walk (0.6miles) and on route you will pass some lovely sights. Most importantly, the city walls and the minster will be on your route.

You can get into the city centre from the registry office in a 3 minute walk straight down Bootham, through Bootham Bar. Bootham Bar is one of the gates in the city walls and consequently a nice sightseeing opportunity for out of town guests. If you continue for another 150 yards you will be at the base of York Minster. As a result of being near the centre of York, you have so many restaurants, pubs and bars, and sights to choose from.

If you want a different route, you can certainly walk through the Museum Gardens. An excellent place for wedding photos during the journey with the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey as a back drop. Walking from the Registry Office, firstly through Museum gardens, and then to the base of the Minster takes 10 minutes (however you will need to allow longer for sightseeing and photos on the way!).

Is there anywhere nearby for wedding photos?


If you get married in the Bootham Suite (the large room which seats up to 50 guests) you will exit the ceremony into the gardens at the back. Therefore you will be allowed to throw confetti, and there is a lovely garden perfect for photos.
After that, you have the Minster and Museum Gardens less than 10 minutes away – so you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing places for photos.

I am a local York wedding photographer, so I am able to offer my services to couples getting married in York. 

For small weddings in York between November 2020 and February 2021 I have a special wedding photography offer .

Don't go! I spent so long putting all this together for you, hang about and have a look!

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