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Wedding Planning: Wedding Gifts

Buying gifts as favours, as thank yous for people who have helped, and to keep kids entertained can be  daunting job when planning a wedding. I had a chat with Alex from a local gift company in Bishop Auckland to get some advice on the topic.


People often want to get a gift for their bridesmaids and groomsmen to say thank you for being so supportive and helpful in the run up to the wedding.

What type of gifts can you recommend which are really unique and show that the wedding couple have really put thought into them?

Bridesmaids and groomsmen are so important when it comes to planning a wedding and on the day itself, because of this it only seems right to get them a gift that portrays this. I would always recommend something personalised just to show that you’ve gone
to great lengths to get their gift and haven’t just picked it off a shelf.

Depending on what your helpers enjoy, champagne glasses and beer tankards can go down great with their name and roll in the wedding on. Maybe even add in their tipple of choice if you want to add a little extra.

If your bridesmaids and groomsmen aren’t big drinkers something like jewellery or cufflinks can also be personalised to show your appreciation. The good thing about these gifts is that there are so many variations to choose from.

Following on from this, couples often have their own children, or other important children involved in the wedding - what gift ideas do you have for important kids?

Depending on the age of the child personalised teddy bears can be nice. You can get little t-shirts with their name and the wedding date on for the bear to wear.

Alternatively, for older children/teenagers you could again go with the personalised cufflinks or jewellery. Not only do they get their own memento from the wedding, it also makes them feel more grown up if they are getting the same/similar to the adults in the wedding party.

Technology is obviously very present at the moment - phones will be an inevitable part of the day - can you recommend any ways a couple can harness this?

Create a hashtag for your wedding and ask all guests to post photos using the hashtag. You can create little table cards with the hashtag to remind guests.

Alongside this there are also websites and apps that can be used to create personalised wedding apps where guests can find information about the wedding and also post stories and images from the day. This can be great to look back on as the wedding couple the next day, as you can’t always take it all in on the day as everything is so busy and overwhelming.

When people sit down at their table for the wedding breakfast, they often have a while to wait as the wedding couple won’t normally enter until everyone is in their seats. What ideas for favours or entertaining gifts can you recommend for:

Wedding favour ideas under 50p per guest:

A great cheap time filler could be i-spy cards. Not only do these keep guests entertained but also mean that there are even more candid photos of the wedding.

I-spy cards can be made at home using an ordinary printer and a free template from the internet. They are made up of a list of various activities and objects for the guests to take photos of throughout the day. Some of the items could include:

  • A smiling bridesmaid

  • A new friend I met at the wedding

  • My favourite decoration

  • A table group selfie

  • Best Dancer


Wedding favour ideas under 50p-£2 per guest:

Table Guest books are another way to keep people busy if you have a little extra money to spend on favours. You can get some cute little books and leave one on each table for the guests to fill in while they’re waiting. You could even leave a little card of prompts with
the book to give people an idea of things to fill it with. These could include:


  • The funniest memory you have of the bride/groom

  • How you first met the bride/groom

  • Good wishes for the new couple

Wedding favour ideas over £2 per guest:

If you want to go all out for your table favours, how about personalised games of guess who? You have to be a little crafty for this one. Simply buy enough copies of Guess Who? to have one on each table, then remove all of the cards and replace with photos of family and friends.
Guests can then play this around their table and use anecdotes about each person to guess who it is!

Wedding favour ideas for children:
Keeping children entertained at a wedding can be a difficult task. So it might be a good idea to have a few different favours for them so they don’t get bored!
Some ideas could include:

  • Colouring Books

  • Sweets

  • A small bottle of bubbles

  • Temporary tattoos

All of these favours could be wedding themed or not, depending on your budget and availability. They can also help their grown ups with their own favours by leaving messages/drawings in the guest book or finding things for the i-spy card!




A very exciting new addition to Fore Bondgate in Bishop Auckland is this unique and quirky giftshop run by local creative, Alex. Alex specialises in gifts that you won’t find on the high street, so buying wedding items from this local business is a fantastic way to personalise your wedding!