Full weekend wedding photography package

Full Weekend Wedding Photography Package UK

Multi-day wedding photography / Weekend wedding photography package

Weekend Wedding

You’ve planned the ultimate wedding and weekend retreat for all your nearest and dearest. You don’t want to limit your time with the people you love most in the world, so you’ve extended your wedding day to cover the whole weekend.

Wedding weekends like this are fantastic. The atmosphere on each day is so different – the weekend starts on Friday afternoon when people start to arrive full of bubbling excitement for the weekend and the anticipation of meeting up with friends and family they haven’t seen in so long.

This isn’t just a wedding – this is a family reunion/ friends retreat! Everyone is looking forward to this… not just the wedding couple!

On that Friday evening so many bonds are reaffirmed, and new ones are created as some guests see each other again, and others meet for the first time. This is the evening that friendships formed during hen and stag parties are refreshed, so everyone is happy and comfortable by the time of the wedding. 

With no pressure, the atmosphere of Friday night is so different to the wedding day (Saturday). A relaxed, easy vibe with no rules. Guests can come and go as they settle into the accommodation, and the wedding party can stop for a catch up drink while they have a break from any last minute wedding arranging!

Saturday morning has a whole different feel. Everyone is more focussed, but still bubbling with excitement about the day. There is a much more formal, and quicker pace about things. Everyone has something to do, and the busyness of everyone adds to the suspense in the air.

By the time of the ceremony the suspense and importance of the day has built to its highest. Guests arriving for the ceremony greet each other easily after breaking the ice the night before, and the wedding party is filled with nervous anticipation.

Once the ceremony has completed and the couple are married all that nervous energy is released – such joy and love fills everyone! It’s time to celebrate! The wedding breakfast and following party have an unbridled air of celebration, a totally different feel to Friday night.

Sunday morning. Everyone wakes with a smile as they remember what a wonderful time they have had. They gather for breakfast and reminisce about the new memories that were created and will be remembered in stories for many years to come.

Sunday again has a totally different vibe. Comfortable love – all the people here know each other well and have been through a wonderful thing together. They chat and spend time together in an easy and familiar manner. There is an air of nostalgia forming as people start to realise they will all be parting ways and this weekend will soon be a memory.

A full weekend wedding. These feelings and moments are the reason you chose a venue with accommodation on site. This full range of greetings, celebrating, and goodbyes don’t need to be squashed into one day. You and your guests will have time and space to spend as a family and friends. This is a priceless luxury valued by all. You have given all your guests the gift of time with their loved ones.

Multi day wedding photography

So, how will this be remembered?

Not one day of photography!

In the UK it is standard practise to hire a wedding photographer for the wedding day – they arrive for the bridal preparations and leave after the first dance. 12 hours sometimes. And this is advertised as full coverage…

But what about all the other meaningful moments. The vibe of the full weekend can’t be captured only on the wedding day.

That is why I have created a full weekend wedding photography package:

The photographer arrives on Friday afternoon and leaves at the same time as your guests on Sunday. The photographer becomes entrenched in the culture of your wedding – they pick up on the details of different relationships, they capture all the different vibes and events of the full weekend. This is proper documentation of the whole wedding weekend. 

What is included in the full weekend wedding photography package?

Each package will be tailored to your requirements, but the description below gives a good idea of what is normally involved – all aspects can be tweaked.

  • In depth pre-wedding discussions to fully understand you and your wedding
  • A pre-wedding engagement shoot
  • Travel to any location in UK
  • Arrival on Friday afternoon (time tbc – usually the same time as you can arrive from)
  • Documentary/ candid style photography of all the happenings from Friday afternoon until a reasonable bedtime (about 9-10pm).
  • Continued coverage from Saturday morning starting with bridal preparations
  • A second photographer from about 1 hour before the ceremony until just after the first dance
  • Formal group portraits and couples portraits after the ceremony, 
  • Optional couple portraits again during the “golden hour”
  • Candid photography of all the moments from the start of the day until bedtime (later on Saturday)
  • Candid photography on Sunday morning until guests leave
  • A luxury wedding album
  • 2 parent albums
  • High resolution digital images processed to the highest standard
  • A reveal session to view your photos and select the images for your album (extra albums, printed artwork etc can also be purchased at this point). 

(In this multi-day wedding photography package example, the total photography time from before the welcome party to after the farewell brunch would be 32 hours from the main photographer during the wedding weekend, plus 8 hours by the second photographer on the wedding day, plus 2 hours for the engagement session on a separate date.)

Pricing varies depending upon various factors such as album size, whether the photographer will be provided food and accommodation, and other options to be discussed, but to give an idea, the starting price of coverage such as described in the multi day wedding photography package above:

From £5200

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