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Church wedding at St Paul’s in Shipley and Bradford Golf Club wedding photos

Simon and Emma, had planned a big full day wedding celebration starting at St Paul's church in Shipley followed by a wedding reception at Bradford Golf Club... but then Covid happened, and like many people they were forced to downsize dramatically. But this didn't stop them having a wonderful wedding!
Bradford Golf Course Wedding photo
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St Paul's Church Shipley

St Paul's Church Shipley

The church was beautifully decorated with bunting, and flowers. Tables at the back had scones and clotted cream laid out with raspberry jam (homemade with raspberries from their allotment) for a cream tea after the ceremony.

Live-streamed Ceremony

As Emma arrived to her family church there were crowds of socially distanced friends positioned outside! After sending well wishes they all sat down on their picnic blankets to watch the ceremony as it was live streamed from inside the church. It was such a lovely atmosphere and shows that even when wedding days don’t go to plan, there is still so much space for love – even at a social distance!

Entrance to St Paul's Church Shipley

Wedding Ceremony at St Paul's Church Shipley

The ceremony was beautiful, and Simon and Emma both knew their parts without a single prompt – saying their vows directly to one another without looking away for guidance. There was a special video message and even a pre-recorded group zoom choir session with Simon and Emma’s friends performing “A thousand years”.

Wedding photos, speeches and scones

We left the church for some physically distanced photos before coming back in for the cream tea and speeches. There were some wonderful heartfelt speeches, and everyone had a lovely time.

Bradford Golf Course wedding photos

Bradford Golf Course Wedding Photos

After saying their goodbye’s Simon and Emma headed up to Bradford Golf Course (where they had planned to have their reception) for some photos of just the two of them. It is a lovely location, and although it was raining, it didn’t seem to dampen any spirits.

Congratulations Simon and Emma on embracing the situation and having such a wonderful wedding!

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