Happy Otter Photography

Wedding photographer in York covering Yorkshire and the Northern England

A relaxed otter is a happy otter.

You'll never capture the true fun-loving nature of an otter by putting them in the spotlight and asking them to pose.

An otter ain't a dog.

A dog will spin and pose for anyone with a biscuit - that's just not an otter's style.

I know otters - I am one... that's why I made a career out of hiding behind my camera!

I'm not going to spend your wedding day creating beautiful advertising photos for your venue in exchange for a place on their preferred vendor's list.

I shoot for you.

I'll spot all the silliness, laughter, fun, and interactions.

...don't worry - I do the nice photos too! You can see plenty of them in my portfolio.


I'm Emma - a photographer and people watcher.


I'm down to earth and, like you, I'm not a fan of having my photo taken!

I focus on photography that is all about natural smiles and real moments between you and your loved ones.


I create photos that will still be cherished in 50 years time.

I work throughout Northern England, UK.


It stems from my zoological background combined with a love for people who aren't posers. I got my first camera to photograph otters behaving naturally on the banks of the river Ouse, and now I photograph weddings for clients who don't like posing, and prefer natural photos. Otters are shy and elusive - but even otters can have beautiful wedding photos.


"like an absolute ninja, she was in different parts of the wedding taking snaps that I didn’t even realise at the time"

"She concentrates on capturing moments, helping the day go smoothly and providing wonderful memories."

"...how lovely it was to have a photographer who captured special moments"

"We are not posy people at all and didn't need to be, we were made to feel at ease and it felt like a friend was there with us."

"I love the relaxed unposed photos which tell a perfect story of our day!"

"...how refreshing it was for a photographer to blend in and capture all the little moments, rather than jumping in front of guests and dictating the day"

"Emma just blended in all day and captured the things that we had missed"