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just Be yourselves!

Happy Otter Photography
  a York wedding photographer who:

celebrates and embraces the power of introverts

We are not shy,
or boring,
or too quiet.

We are intelligent, and fun, and confident.

…we just don’t really like to “smile for the camera”


Otters are introverts.

Otters are fun and playful.

Otters like the outdoors.

They don’t want to spend their wedding day posing for photos.

They don’t want their guests getting bored standing in lines when they could be getting drunk.

And they don’t want to spend an hour away from their guests, who they haven’t seen in ages, to fail at being models.

What otters do want is a flipping good party!

They love one another, and they want to celebrate it with family and friends.

And they want their family and friends to have a great time.

It’s quite simple.
The happy otter way is to capture all the fun of your wedding without imposing any stress or awkwardness.

Group photos are allowed, but only if you want them, and only if they don’t get tedious or awkward.

Group portraits - optional!

York wedding photographer

A bit of an intro…

I’m Emma.

I’m a York wedding photographer,
and I photograph weddings all over
Northern England.

I have over ten years of wedding photography experience – and I’m still passionate about it!

I’m an introvert, and most of my clients are introverts.
I don’t put pressure on you to act like a model – I understand not everyone is comfortable with that – I adjust my approach so you and your guests feel at ease. 

Your backstory is very important to me, it helps me identify moments that you will cherish forever.
I spend time getting to know you.
Learning who is who. 

Hearing stories about how you met, who is helping out by making the cake, or travelling across the planet to be there.

Knowing this background info helps me capture more meaningful moments. 

A photo of an elderly lady holding a baby is nice
But knowing the baby is her great grand-daughter makes it more special.

There might be someone admiring the cake.
But if I know that person is inspecting a cake they just spent hours making, the photo suddenly becomes more meaningful.

There are so many potentially touching moments at a wedding that can be missed through lack of empathy or experience.
Having both, and being able to spot subtleties, I think, is what sets me apart.

special moments
York wedding photography

More than just pretty pictures

When planning a wedding, it is easy to get lost in the details.
Event planning becomes your life.
Like a second job.
Planning a fun and memorable celebration to represents you both, and keep everyone happy, is a difficult job.

But suddenly, on the day of your wedding, the planning is over.
It hits some people like a train.
Your role flips.
You become the focus of love.
Everyone you love is in one place showering you with warm wishes and affection.

You don’t need to plan for that – it will happen naturally.


After the wedding, when you look through your wedding photos – what will you see?

That depends on the wedding photographer you choose.

You may see the gorgeous, stunning, artfully created portraits of you and your husband or wife.
Photos of the beautiful table centres and place cards you spent hours making.
Photos of your guests standing in rows smiling for a portrait.

But – will you see the love?

I see the love at every wedding.

I understand how special it is to have so many loved ones together.
I look at my own wedding photos and already see people who are no longer with us.
I’m so grateful for the time we spent together. 

Having photos to remind me of those times is priceless.

My daughter often points out the great grandmother she was named after, but never met, and says,
“this was my great-grandma at your wedding”.
I never imagined this overwhelming feeling of love was possible years ago when booking a wedding photographer!

I’m ready for the freight train of love on your wedding day, so you don’t have to be.
I’ll capture it, and you can relive it over and over again.

What are the otters all about?

Well, otters are introverts.

Don’t google it… it’s not exactly a fact.

I bought my first camera when I was 18, to photograph otters living behind my home on the river Ouse near York.

Otters are shy and elusive, but naturally playful creatures, and it took years of patience before I was lucky enough to observe one. 

I watched as it caught a fish and happily played on the opposite bank of the river. It had no idea I was there.

Almost ten years later, I started photographing weddings. 

I noticed that people aren’t too dissimilar to those shy and elusive otters. When they feel relaxed and unwatched… they reveal their natural behaviour and can have such fun!

And it turns out, otters can have beautiful wedding photos too.

York wedding photographer

What else do you need to know?

You know I’m a York wedding photographer and I photograph weddings all over the North of England.

You know I have over ten years of wedding photography experience, and that I’m still passionate about my job!

You have seen some of my photos.

You know that I’m sensitive to introverts, I work hard to understand the things, people and relationships that are important to you, and I focus on capturing natural and meaningful moments.

I suspect your next questions are:

Are you available for my wedding?
Please check as soon as you can – I will always respond by 10pm!

What are your prices for wedding photography in York and beyond?
Pricing starts at £600 for four hours of coverage, up to £1500 for a full day – there is more information on my “info” page.

What will we receive for our investment?
Everlasting love and happiness – and a few other things are available too – you can find out on my info page.

If there are any other pieces of information you need to help you find out if I am the right wedding photographer for your wedding – please ask me anything!