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introvert friendly – just be yourselves

Happy Otter Photography

Celebrating and embracing
the power of introverts
of York (and Yorkshire) and beyond!

We are not shy, boring,
or too quiet.
We are intelligent, fun,
and confident.

…but we don’t really like to
“smile for the camera”

York wedding photographer – a bit of an intro…

About Emma

Hi, I’m Emma – I’ve been a professional wedding photographer for over 10 years.

I’m an easy to get on with, down-to-earth, nature-loving Yorkshire lass.

I’m a York wedding photographer and I focus on capturing real moments between you and your guests, along with some lovely portraits… without making anyone feel uncomfortable.

I’m an otter. And if you don’t like having your photo taken – you might be an otter too.

Otters are sometimes introverts.
Otters are fun and playful.
And otters like the outdoors.

They don’t want to spend their wedding day posing.
They don’t want their guests waiting for photos when they could be having fun.
And they don’t want to be dragged away from people they haven’t seen in ages, to fail at being models.

What otters do want is a flipping good party for them and their loved ones!

We don’t like having our photos taken… but we really want to remember the whole wedding

Would you like to see a slideshow of the best wedding photos I took in 2020?

View the Happy Otter Photography “best of 2020” slideshow (opens in new window)

York wedding photographer

Pricing and FAQs

Do you photograph weddings anywhere other than York?
Yes I do! I always recommend hiring a local wedding photographer because it reduces risks involved with travel (especially in winter months).
However – I regularly photograph weddings throughout Yorkshire.
For weddings further afield (anywhere in the UK) I will stay overnight in a hotel to reduce potential travel delays – this is included in my full weekend wedding photography package.

What are your prices for wedding photography in York?
As a rough idea of prices – my full day, digital-only, wedding photography in York on a Saturday is £2000. For mid-week intimate weddings, I have a mini-coverage option for £500.
To see more detailed pricing, please view my pricing page.

What will we receive for our investment?
Everlasting love and happiness – bawk! I always include the digital files with my wedding photography packages, and I have options for wedding album and engagement photos – you can find out on my pricing page.

Are you available on my wedding date?
Possibly, please check my wedding photography availability page for more info.

Have you photographed at my wedding venue in York before?
Probably! I have had a very busy few years with so many post covid weddings, so I’ve not had a chance to share as many wedding photos as I would have liked. If you can’t find examples of my photos at your wedding venue on my blog, get in touch and ask – I will hopefully be able to share a full online gallery with you.

What are the otters about?

Behind the “Happy Otter Photography” name

Well, otters are introverts.
Don’t google it… it’s not exactly a fact.
I bought my first camera when I was 18, to photograph otters living behind my home on the River Ouse near York.
Otters are shy and elusive, but naturally playful creatures, and it took years of patience before I was lucky enough to observe one.
I watched as it caught a fish and happily played on the opposite bank of the river. It had no idea I was there.
Almost ten years later, I started photographing weddings.
I noticed people aren’t dissimilar to shy and elusive otters.
When they feel relaxed and unwatched… they reveal their natural behaviour and have such fun!
Otters can have beautiful wedding photos too.

Natural and laid back wedding photography

Wedding blogs and venue guides

York Wedding Planning resources

With over ten years of experience photographing weddings, I have picked up a fair few ideas, tips, insider info etc! So, as I’m a caring, sharing, pragmatic sort of person – I have put together a few wedding planning blogs. Although I’m mainly a York wedding photographer, most blogs are focussed on weddings in York and Yorkshire, there are also some useful blogs for anyone getting married further afield. There are real weddings, lists of venues, planning tips etc.

Featured weddings – some recent weddings in and around York

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I’m not going to dance for you. Maybe a little joke?
What’s the difference between a pizza and an otter?
A pizza doesn’t scream when you put it in the oven

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