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celebrates and embraces the power of introverts of York (and Yorkshire!)

We are not shy,
or boring,
or too quiet.

We are intelligent, and fun, and confident.

…but we don’t really like to “smile for the camera”

Otters are sometimes introverts.

Otters are fun and playful.

And otters like the outdoors.

They don’t want to spend their wedding day posing.

They don’t want their guests waiting for photos when they could be having fun.

And they don’t want to be dragged away from people they haven’t seen in ages, to fail at being models.

What otters do want is a flipping good party for them and their loved ones!

Group portraits - optional!

York wedding photographer

York Wedding Photographer... A bit of an intro

I’m Emma.

A York wedding photographer,
who photographs weddings all over
Northern England.

I have over ten years of wedding photography experience –
and I’m still passionate about it!

 I’m easy to get on with, down-to-earth, and I have a dry sense of humour.

I’m an otter. And if you don’t like having your photo taken – you might be an otter too.

Learn more about me and my style of wedding photography

special moments
York wedding photography

Well, otters are introverts.

Don’t google it… it’s not exactly a fact.

I bought my first camera when I was 18, to photograph otters living behind my home on the river Ouse near York.

Otters are shy and elusive, but naturally playful creatures, and it took years of patience before I was lucky enough to observe one. 

I watched as it caught a fish and happily played on the opposite bank of the river. It had no idea I was there.

Almost ten years later, I started photographing weddings. 

I noticed people aren’t dissimilar to shy and elusive otters. When they feel relaxed and unwatched… they reveal their natural behaviour and have such fun!

Otters can have beautiful wedding photos too.

Much More than pretty pictures

When planning a wedding, it’s easy to get lost in the details.
Event planning becomes your life.
Like a second job.
It’s hard work!

But suddenly, on the day of your wedding, the planning is over.
It hits some people like a train.
Your role flips.
Everyone you love is in one place showering you with warm wishes and affection.
So you become the focus of love.
You don’t need to plan for that – it will happen naturally.

It is my job to capture all the beautiful things you have planned, along with the freight train of love and little moments that make your wedding unique and special to you. I’ll immortalise the overwhelming feeling of love and happiness for you to re-live again and again. 

star wars wedding planning

wedding photographer in York | Reviews

Redworth Hall Wedding
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From the very start Emma put us at ease, was extremly professional and always friendly. On the day we wanted to make the most of spending time with our loved ones and didn’t like the idea of standing and posing for hours and this is exactly what we got to do by picking Happy Otter Photography. The final photos were exactly as we hoped and more, they captured all the fun and touching moments of our day in a really natural way.
Newcastle wedding
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Emma is an amazing and truly talented photographer. She captured every moment of our wedding day&night just perfectly, getting the shots that we’d not even thought about and captured those moments that we were just too busy to see ourselves. She done this in the most perfect, natural and friendly way, not by pushing her camera into our face or the faces of our guests, which I’ve experienced at other weddings, but by keeping it so friendly and relaxed, the children just loved her
Kirkley Hall wedding
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Both myself and David hate having our picture taking but Emma took all of the stress out of it and made them enjoyable. All our guests agreed and commented on how lovely it was to have a photographer who captured special moments rather than having staged pictures. We were so excited to get our pictures back and they were better than we could have imagined! The way we received them was so thoughtful and the pictures were amazing. All the important moments were perfectly captured and we got to see parts of the day we missed.

You know I’m a York wedding photographer and I photograph weddings all over the North of England.

I have over ten years of wedding photography experience, and I’m still passionate about my work!

You’ve seen some of my photos, and you can view more of my portfolio here.

I’m sensitive to introverts, I work hard to understand the things, people and relationships that are important to you, so I can capture natural and meaningful moments.

What else do you need to know?

I certainly will (especially if it means I need to spend a night in a hotel room away from my kids)!
 For example, I’ll travel down to Nottingham, over to Hull, Whitby, up to Newcastle, Carlisle, across to Manchester and in between. I’ll travel anywhere in Northern England (and sometimes the Scottish borders) to photograph weddings.
County Durham was my home for 8 years, so a I did a lot of my wedding photography in Durham. The county is so photogenic and has such stunning venues – including many castles. I love County Durham and regularly work as a Durham wedding photographer. 

The pricing of my ultimate collection is £2200, but my more basic package starts at £600. 
There is more information on my pricing page.

Everlasting love and happiness – bawk! – and a few other things are available in addition – you can find out on my info page, but I always include the high resolution digital files with every wedding.

I’m already fully booked for May and August 2021, so please check my availability page to find out.

Quite possibly! I have recently updated my website, and haven’t yet transferred over all my past wedding blogs, for the moment I have some posts of weddings at York Registry Office, the Merchant Adventurers’ Hall, St Olave’s Church, and The Principal Hotel in York (and a few more further afield).

I always try to meet up with my wedding couples at their venue to take a walk around and familiaralise myself with the space and light, so even if I’ve never photographed a marriage there before, there will be no issues!

You’ve made it to the bottom of the page.
I’m not really sure what to do with you, most people have moved on to another page by now.
I’m not going to dance for you. Maybe a little joke?

What’s the difference between a pizza and an otter?
A pizza doesn’t scream when you put it in the oven

Now take a hint, go and look at my portfolio!